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The Father Trapped in Time
2023-07-24 13:51  

The film tells the story of an elderly and ailing Anthony who is facing a difficult life choice - whether to move to a nursing home or accept a new caregiver his daughter is looking for。In the process, Anthony finds himself on a strange journey through time and space, where disordered memories and timelines weave together a bizarre story。

The use of multi-angle vision is interwoven between the first person and the third perspective, allowing the audience to truly experience the confusion and confusion of an Alzheimer's disease patient。  Make good use of the details of the passage of time, the change of place, not through the monotonous narration of narration to tell the audience, but we need to observe the dialogue of characters in the film, faces and background furnishings。  The highly praised film has won numerous awards and is loved by the audience. It is a film worth watching. Why not take a spiritual journey in your spare time?

"My leaves are almost gone, the wind and rain are wrapping around my branches, and I have no place to sleep." This may be the situation and inner panic of every Alzheimer's patient。In this film, the fractured timeline, the seemingly illogical storyline, and the ubiquitous metaphors need to be chewed over。    

sometimes,We can tolerate criticism and abuse from the outside,I can't stand a complaint from my parents,Of course we don't,These are opportunities to improve relationships with parents because of illness,However, we have to admit that we are often busy when our parents are ill,I have time to get to know and accompany them again,Cherish the time you spend with them。     

There is a saying that goes, "parents, life has a place to come;Parents go, life only return."。Taking advantage of the good, more understanding, love, more encouragement, hand in hand with them to go on, so that their life without regret, is not another beautiful scene in the depths of memory?

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