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The School of Chemical Engineering held a psychological lecture on "Meeting love"
2023-06-12 18:00  

School of Chemical EngineeringMeet lovePsychology lecture

2023-6-12 11:40

If the heart to the sun flowers open themselves, if people to warm breeze。In order to further strengthen mental health education, so that students have a clear understanding of love and establish a correct view of love in the growth of the School of Chemical Engineering612Day in the academic exchange center facing2022Grade all students carried outHeart to the sun, happy growthMental health education lecture。The lecture was delivered by Ms. Zhou Lina, Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of Northeast Dianli University。

In the lecture, teacher Zhou Lina used humorous words for大家Introduced separatelyWhy fall in loveWhat is loveDeath of Love首先,Through the interactive games such as answering poems and awarding prizes, teacher Zhou Lina popularized love as the basic driving force of human beings, the purpose of love is to overcome loneliness and the compensatory function of love心理知识。其次,In order to better help students understand love and improve their psychological adjustment ability, Zhou Lina quoted psychologist Fromm's point of view,Most people prefer to think of love as a matter of being loved rather than as a matter of love, that is, as a matter of the ability to love。The ability to love includes the ability to express love, to accept love, to reject love, to distinguish love, to deal with love conflicts, to endure love setbacks, and to maintain love for a long time’’Told the class what love is。最后,Teacher Zhou Lina listed the misbehavior in love and love brain15A negative example of performance,帮助students纠正The love concept teaches students how to express love, receive love, reject love, deal with love, and maintain the ability to love

Through this lecture, I hope students can understand the meaning of love and its impact on themselves。The School of Chemical Engineering also advocates that students should have a good psychological state in the process of falling in love出发。Finally, I wish every student can grow up healthily and happily in the sunshine, and everyone can have a healthy and happy life!

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